Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 09-01-2010

  • 03:02:48: "YouTube - Doctor Who: Demon Quest Audio Adventure out September!" Ooooooo!
  • 11:14:37: RT @racheline_m: Hey Obama, while you're talking about how awesome our military is and doing right by veterans, how about you say someth ...
  • 12:15:11: @mcahogarth Are the Admonishments online like the Aphorisms? Can't find them if they are.
  • 12:16:42: @Hedgewytch re. LJ and FB latest fubar, if you use firefox and have greasemonkey try this:
  • 12:17:11: @mcahogarth Thank you!
  • 16:48:21: Esquires coffee shop, Horsham -
  • 16:50:43: Esquires coffee shop, Horsham -
  • 16:52:06: Esquires coffee shop, Horsham -
  • 16:53:45: Esquires coffee shop, Horsham -
  • 17:06:07: RT @AngryBritain: Mother of 10 living in 3 bed council home demands TWO houses next to each other 'because we need more room'. How about ...
  • 17:07:39: @mstevens Lots of mobypic moblogging posts. Problem?
  • 17:12:02: @mstevens OK. Apologies, then.
  • 17:12:41: @8oreJer_lanzaJ2 me?
  • 19:04:41: RT @racheline_m: How much do you want to bet LJ's response to current displeasure is "You don't understand the feature!" No, we get it. ...
  • 19:05:19: @racheline_m Exactly.
  • 19:05:42: RT @postsecret: Today's Email: "I asked a girl to text me something nice to cheer me up. I received this text: 'Something Nice'...It sti ...
  • 19:08:41: @mcahogarth Will the paper odds go through your printer? Maybe you could sell prints on it for more? Maybe paint ACEOs for sale? Just ideas.
  • 19:09:39: RT @Liamerven: there is this belief that because apple doesn't talk about it that they aren't commited. just be glad they put in accessi ...
  • 19:09:46: RT @tallin32: Myself, I kind of like the idea that accessibility can be taken for granted, like a screen or 802.11N.
  • 19:11:02: RT @macspeech: Congrats to Apple on Retail Store #300! Covent Garden (London)
  • 19:13:14: RT @sbisson: Apple TV sounds like its going cloud...
  • 19:13:24: RT @jearle: I bet Apple TV stuff is US only. Bah!
  • 19:13:30: RT @ninthspace: Just seen the new Apple TV. Um. Google. Um. Oh. Dear.
  • 19:14:55: Lol watching my Twitter feed is hilarious wrt the Apple thing.
  • 19:15:58: RT @racheline_m: Is it time for march of the cat macros on lj or what?
  • 23:26:51: @Dr_Black @nubenu Hi there Sue! Hubby meant circular needles not cable needles. I use magic-loop. Can't manage DPNs (multiple sclerosis).

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