Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
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Fresnels, double vision and multiple sclerosis

from {my email address}
to {my orthoptists' department email address}
cc {my MS Nurse's email address},
{my MS neurologist c/o her PA's email address}
bcc {hubby}
date 10 August 2010 00:20
subject Fresnels, double vision and multiple sclerosis

Dear Orthoptists,

A few facts to start with:

a) I have three pairs of glasses:
#1. One pair for reading, computer use, knitting and other close work. I wear these the most as I spend a lot of time knitting whilst reading web fiction.
#2. One pair for walking around and other longer-distance use. I also use these to watch TV but this makes knitting whilst watching TV very hard work.
#3. My spare pair which I used to use for all of the above and is a slightly out of date prescription but that works almost as well.

b) I asked for two new #2 fresnels quite some time ago. I do understand that they are expensive. I was sent one fresnel which I used to replace the warped/buckled one on my #1 glasses at that point. I was promised, on the compliments slip in the package, that another would arrive a.s.a.p. It has not.

c) My #3 glasses do not have a fresnel at all and so they are useless to me as a spare pair of glasses when I am experiencing double vision.

d) My multiple sclerosis means that the angle and degree of my double vision can (and does) change at random times. For example, I woke up this morning without double vision at all. I have been enjoying the day without the fresnels on my #1 and #2 glasses.

e) For the last two months or so, the new fresnel on my reading/knitting glasses (#1) has ALSO buckled and is refusing to stick in the shaded portions shown in the attached sketch.

f) My vision is worsening this evening and I can quite believe that the double vision will return by the morning - but I am unable to get the fresnel that I have to stick back on my #1 glasses. If the double vision does come back I will be, to all intents and purposes, unable to read, knit or do almost anything else that I am still able to enjoy these days.

g) I have been told that fresnels will not work on varifocal or bifocal glasses. This is difficult for me to understand because I use #2 fresnels on both my #1 glasses and my #2 glasses. Sadly, with the way that I like to knit in front of the TV (so that both sides of my brain can be occupied!), bifocal or varifocals would be the best plan for me if it was not for the variable nature of my double vision.

So, I am in desperate need of at least two new fresnels, one for my #1 pair of glasses and one for my #3 pair. I think that this means I should come all the way to Chichester (from Horsham) to see you lovely ladies again! What would be the best idea for me to plan a pretty urgent appointment with you?

Natalie Ford

{home address}

{mobile/cell phone number} (PLEASE leave a message and I will call back).
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