Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 08-03-2010

  • 02:28:05: "Episodes - Spell 81A" Woah! Shadow Unit is becoming even more intriguing than usual! #shadowunit #weblit
  • 11:48:26: RT @macmillancancer: Thanks for all of the retweets so far re #freehospitalparking please keep spreading the word so we can abolish thes ...
  • 15:24:47: Finally got around to watching Sherlock 1.2 on iPlayer. Crackin'!
  • 15:26:38: Sadly though, I can not view Identity ep5 on any more. :( Will have to wait for the DVDs.
  • 15:28:01: Have mised Ep5 and Ep6 of identity - pity.
  • 15:49:26: RT @LisaEmrich: MS Central Question of the Week: What's on Your Bucket List?
  • 15:51:58: My 'bucket' lists:
  • 17:29:11: Cats have the right idea.
    Eating makes me sleepy & daylight tires my eyes.
    Sleep away the day,
    Productive soothing quiet cool nights.

  • 17:29:50: @nubenu Well, all that I can view on is Ep6. weird.

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