Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 08-01-2010

  • 03:07:16: My "newer than the last time this happened" UPS just had a beeping fit. Not sure why. Powered down the mac and it, though. Bleh. Bored now!
  • 03:10:30: Don't dare power the UPS back up in case it starts beeping again. No idea why UPSs hate me so much and keep doing this to me! There's still…
  • 03:11:56: …there's still power to the lights, so this is not at all logical (to me)
  • 04:00:07: Thank the fates for my hackbook and Firefox Sync.
  • 13:01:27: Woke up, got up, turned on UPS, turned on mac. Just managed to type and post bullet points about dream to LJ when UPS started to beep-fit.
  • 13:03:24: Turned it all off again. Was about to log into WoW. Cant do that on the iPhone or hackbook. iPhone is alnost flat anyway. :(((((
  • 15:29:51: Can anyone point me at a capitals-only, fixed width, sans-serif #font that would be on my mac or available online for #free? Can't find one.
  • 15:38:57: Beautiful RT @mcahogarth: When I used to offer this Healer Jaguar with turtles, it was one of my better selling prints:
  • 20:15:53: RT @natdaylog: Going to have to nap and watch Sherlock 1.2 later on iPlayer. Feels like someone took a blender to my brain …
  • 20:15:59: RT @natdaylog: … and it is trying to come out through my eyes, under pressure. #paincount=7. Painkillers. Nap. No spoilers please.

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