Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-28-2010

  • 13:28:02: Try graze for free - just go to and use the code 33C55TLL to get a free box (and give me £1 towards my next box). #graze
  • 13:41:48: Making @natalief laugh whilst she is trying to inject her tummy, is not a good move (TM). (via @nubenu) Indeed! *ouch* ;-p
  • 14:35:50: "LJ users with Multiple Sclerosis - The Road Less Traveled" My MonSter-eaten brain explained better by another with MS.
  • 15:23:18: "Police behaving badly, men behaving worse « My Fault, I'm Female" Wow. Shocking. Just… Wow. :(
  • 15:24:19: RT @myfaultimfemale: RIP Ivy Bean, the grandmother of everyone on Twitter
  • 15:25:21: "Ivy Bean, the oldest person on Twitter, dies at 104 | UK news |" I followed her for a while. :(
  • 15:26:49: RIP @IvyBean104
  • 17:05:58: iPhone wallpaper -

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