Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-16-2010

  • 01:05:27: @NeilCFord afternoon out?
  • 01:19:30: @LizUK Yeah, and I could see it in every other Twitter client and OS and could see it in the iPhone Twitter app earlier! Hence my confusion!
  • 01:21:02: @Hedgewytch my 3G still won't update to iOS4!
  • 01:22:49: RT @mollydotcom: Hear Ye Hear Ye! Comic Sans just got a facelift for 2010. Queue for cliff jumpers at right, brick wall head bangers lef ...
  • 01:29:41: I hate the new-but-not-yet-live @flickr photo pages. Can't find the things that used to be buttons above photo, e.g. All Sizes & Blog This ☹
  • 15:20:18: @ravelry Will there be an iPhone ravelry app one day?
  • 15:40:30: "Food - A Michigan Teen Farms Her Backyard -" Amazing young entrepreneur and just plain hard-worker!

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