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ETA2:LJ has just redefined "inactive" to mean 'no log-in for over 24 months AND no content' i.e. only the welcome post (one post).

ETA a reply from the OP, dnewhall:
We have never promised users they have 60 days to recover their deleted journal. All of our documentation says 30 days. There was a statement in the script adding 30 to 30 making 60. That's been reversed, and we're down to the original 30 we've stated it would be all along. Sorry that was confusing.

LiveJournal Maintenance - Purging Suspended Accounts

My comment:

Lastly, deleted accounts have historically had a period of up to 60 days to restore their account before being purged. This is changing to 30 days beginning now. This means any account deleted more than 30 days ago will be purged.

So, wait, you're telling us that LJUserX, who deleted their LJ 30 days ago and was told that they would have 60 days to reactivate their LJ before it was purged, was LIED TO by you/LJ and now you are going to purge their LJ 30 days before they were informed that it would happen?

Would it not make much more sense to tell everyone who deletes their LJ FROM TODAY ONWARDS that they will have only 30 days to reactivate their LJ before it will be purged and let those people deleting their LJ in the last 30 days still have the 60 days THAT THEY WERE PROMISED?

I give up. Illogical business decisons are still as illogical as ever.

Yes, I know this is not currently relevant to me but I know some people that regulrarly delete their LJ and reactivate it. No, I do not understand why they do that, but I know that people do and so those people should get what they have been promised.


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