Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-12-2010

  • 09:10:57: RT @postsecret: HopeLine has climbed to 2nd Place! 24 hours left to win $250K for suicide prevention. Please vote online & RT http://bit ...
  • 09:12:12: @postsecret Kristin Brooks Hope Center is now in first place!
  • 09:14:05: Kristin Brooks Hope Center has climbed to 1ST Place! Please vote for online suicide 'hotline' & RT (via @postsecret)
  • 12:37:31: Pls vote & RT: online suicide 'hotline' will be created if Kristin Brooks Hope Center wins this prize money!
  • 16:50:25: @mcglk *hugs* missing you too. You're back in Seattle?
  • 16:51:05: @TheAngiePasto Purple! Orange!
  • 16:54:11: RT @urbandaily: Obsessive Computer Disorder - To constantly be online or just on a personal computer for fun or entertainmen... - http:/ ...

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