Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


02:22 I give up. At 2 am it is still 27ºC and 45% humidity. I am yawning, I will likely be able to sleep despite it being too hot to do much else. #

10:59 Waking up. #

16:24 Going to nap. Too hot again. Was much cooler this morning. Then again, I turned the mac off over night. #

19:47 12:00-ish: Slightly over-wheated today. Ate the bun on my burger yesterday. #

19:50 Awake from nap with heartburn from lying on right side not left. Yay refluxitis. Also nauseous from that and wheat-guts. #<

19:52 Also being whined and sulked at by the cats because I am too wobbly yet to go downstairs and feed them. They'll have to wait for their Daddy #

20:57 Just walked into the bathroom doorpost. Not too hard thankfully. #

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