Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-10-2010

  • 10:21:22: RT @racheline_m: Bristol is gorgeous but more than a bit odd.
  • 10:25:07: RT @JohnSimmSociety: [] Happy Birthday John!: Here at John Simm Online, we’d like to wish John a very Happy Birthday! We h. ...
  • 10:25:58: @regularjen *hugs* re your mum.
  • 10:26:24: RT @NeilCFord: Now there is something I didn't know, I share my birthday with John Simm! Lucky for him, he's a few years my junior ;) Ha ...
  • 10:26:59: RT @racheline_m: Bristol: those fucking seagulls are apparently loud and creepy ALL NIGHT. Ugh.
  • 11:48:58: "BBC News - Southampton 'cat burglar' reported to police" LOL Oscar!
  • 15:25:26: "He said could not cope with the dog and knew he had let the animal down." Spot copyedit-fail on sad BBC News page. AGAIN
  • 16:21:15: @twit2do Order repeat zineryt
  • 18:37:55: @ravelry Is this open outsde the US, e.g. the UK? "Unraveled » Blog Archive » it's time for a Ravelry Search Party!"
  • 19:02:18: "Ravelry: natalieford's Gearstick knob cosy" Just added another @ravelry project.

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