Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-06-2010

  • 01:01:35: Miami Vice was a great watch. Sad ending that leaves space for a sequel but I won't hold my breath. Farrell does a passable USian accent.
  • 01:02:53: Loved the Miami Vice plot. All of it fitted into the modern day setting except for Farrell's hair and 'tache! Clever plot and clever writing
  • 01:08:52: Heat wave health terms (hyperthermia, heat syncope, and edema) to watch for: (via @dictionarycom) oedema!
  • 10:57:23: RT @pixeldiva: has heard that there will be Formula 1 cars at Canary Wharf today. Can anyone confirm/deny/provide more details?
  • 19:02:43: No intarwebz all afternoon. Feel lost without it. Have resorted to TV.
  • 21:51:02: Waking from a nap to no wifi, broadband or O2 3G. Only gprs.
  • 21:53:24: Well, I woke up hours ago and the tweets I sent by SMS did not arrive but that last one arrived late.

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