Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-05-2010

  • 11:22:28: @allyglynn @NeilCFord The iPad case took me a few days. I forget how long & should have made a note! I knit most of the time that I am awake
  • 11:40:57: Adult tricycles on ebay. Nowhere to store one, sadly. One day! #wishlist
  • 14:39:33: "ACLU's Wrongful Termination Suit Against Wal-Mart Highlights Medical Marijuana Patient Discrimination" ANGRY not shocked
  • 15:43:19: Hipstamatic snooze -
  • 18:41:30: RT @NorthCornwallNT: Geek news: In 'Back to the Future' Doc Scott sets the time clock in the Delorean to a day 25 years in the future: t ...

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