Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

BBC News - Maggots in luggage locker delay US flight in Atlanta

"And as they're telling us to stay calm and seated, I see a maggot looking back at me and I'm thinking, 'These are anaerobic, flesh-eating larvae that the flight attendants don't have to sit with.'"</blockquote>

Um, no. Yes they are larvae but they are not anaerobic (well, the ones I worked with in labs during my BSc Biochemistry were not). They are not flesh eating - they eat decaying matter, not live flesh. Yes, they are used medically to eat away dead flesh on burns patients, but they do not eat the rest of the patient. They cannot look at you. *facepalm*

BBC News - Maggots in luggage locker delay US flight in Atlanta
Tags: bbc, link, news, tehfunnay

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