Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 06-27-2010

  • 10:58:29: So weird! My iPhone was at 100% charge when I went to bed but had turned itself off when I woke. Not v4 yet. WEIRD!
  • 11:00:00: @DFReview oh yes. Indeed I am if there is anyone you could point me to!
  • 11:03:33: @regularjen I'd buy an under-bed fridge! Not much clearance height under my bed sadly…
  • 11:05:12: RT @TheFuckingQueen: Already had to turn down Ian & Duncan Smith on other Tory "bright idea" of tent city out back of Buck Pal http://bi ...
  • 12:30:47: Wishing the battery on my hackbook lasted longer than it does. I could write for hours out doors if it did.
  • 15:17:51: @NeilCFord There is power in the garden here. Was thinking of elsewhere.
  • 17:55:58: Any ideas, anyone, why Mailplane suddenly will not let me page down through my mail or search? It keeps jumping back to the top. :(((
  • 17:57:27: @jearle Is that the Betty's in York?
  • 18:02:25: RT @Teaandtomatoes: Am thinking of becoming a pro footballer. I couldn't be any worse and I could do with a payrise
  • 18:02:56: RT @Vivdora: Right, I'd like to point out that we're doing nicely in the cricket and that it is SUMMER which means cricket,tennis, rowin ...
  • 18:03:11: RT @Vivdora: Pity the Police and Ambulance Service they will know doubt be busy picking up morose drunks and victims of domestic violenc ...
  • 18:03:23: RT @beckyeh: why is anyone surprised that england are losing the football? if you like winning, start following the cricket team.
  • 18:03:48: RT @Vivdora: All that talk of penalties! Knew it wouldn't come to that.England footballers should watch replay of whole of record breaki ...
  • 18:05:25: “@mstevens: 29.4C This country is Too hot” Indeed! Thankful to be in the garden in the hills of Kent rather than my suna/room at home…
  • 18:06:40: @mstevens it is often > 30°C and > 40% humidity in my room.
  • 18:08:54: @jearle Ah hah! I thought it looked different to how I remembered the one in York from when I was at uni there late 80s. ;-p
  • 18:26:38: @NeilCFord Only app doping it and it has been doing it for days since last update. Did not keep old version sadly. :(

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