Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


01:31 Off to bed at my brother's. #

10:05 Waking up. #

10:44 Taking ages to wake up. Need to make away-from-home rotines and do meds jab. Air here is more pleasant/fresh than at home. #

14:37 Caught sun on wrists teaching M to knit. I was in shade but she wasn't so nor were my hands. Nap now. #

17:23 Waking up. I think I was tired! #

21:34 Took painkillers earlier after my nap because my eyes were still niggling at #paincount=4. Have eaten (barbeque in t
he garden). #

21:39 Could easily go back to sleep now. Soporific food & relaxing fresh air and the ambient sounds of countryside & wildlife not town & traffic. #

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