Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:27 Painkillers. Took evening meds after dinner and a film at about 23:30. #

02:44 Off to bed. Alarm set for 10 am. #

04:44 Have ended up reading. Am now forcing myself to put the Reader down and try to sleep. #

10:40 Woken by alarm. Made breakfast and tea. Need to get jabs out of fridge in a bit and take meds. Off shopping later then to mum's for haircut. #

12:10 *needs another shower to cool down after overheating getting dressed after a shower taken to cool down* #

17:25 Been out to Hobbycraft and into Crawley town with hubby then to mum's - she cut my hair. Now with less headaches and more air circulation! #

17:26 *fewer headaches. #

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