Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 06-20-2010

  • 00:11:22: "From Stonehenge to Foamhenge!"
  • 02:49:02: "YouTube - Snoop Dogg "Oh Sookie" True Blood Music Video HD" The Dee Oh double Gee is filking!
  • 15:07:26: Rewatching yesterday's Dr Who on iPlayer: "The Pandorica Opens"
  • 15:17:14: *wry smile* "The Pandorica Opens" is even better a second time after watching Confidential.
  • 16:25:31: "BBC News - Getty taps into Flickr snappers" Have signed up and need to upload more of my 1000s of photos.
  • 16:26:38: "Flickr: Getty Images Call for Artists" Have submitted 10 of my images here from my portfolio set on flickr.
  • 16:28:30: "Flickr: The Getty Images Call for Artists Pool" These are the photos I submitted.
  • 16:47:15: "BBC News - Stem cell therapy 'damage' seen in kidney disease case" I was kinda expecting this as probable and possible.
  • 16:48:52: "Stem cell therapy 'damage' seen…" This is why I have not leapt to try those 'private clinic' stem cell therapies for MS.
  • 17:10:32: Have been knitting a mini Calorimetry in sock yarn on 2mm needles to see how it works. Not keen on the holes. Nay adapt 2use w&t short rows.
  • 17:14:00: One thing I miss from @twittelator on iPhone now I use the @twitter app is tapping on titlebar to scroll up page and doubletap to go to top.
  • 17:18:53: +1 thing I miss from @twittelator on iPhone … is the extended character menu. Can't find faces etc. on iPhone keyboard but did find '…'.
  • 17:19:27: RT @davidjohnjones: @walterhzownself ...writing is a great strength that MacSpeech Dictate gives me, so the ideas keep coming and do the ...
  • 17:43:38: Thank Cat for earplugs that block out computer fans and shrieking kids and a duvet to block out the light.
  • 23:38:39: @pixeldiva I am waiting for writeroom for iPad before iPad is killer for me.

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