Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


04:14 Heading to bed. #

04:16 (P.S. I even took my pm meds straight after dinner!) #

12:48 Trying to wake up. Collected jab from fridge. Waiting for it to warm up enough to use it. Also about to take meds & painkillers #paincount=6 #

14:51 Painkillers finally. #

17:19 lunch #

18:20 Nap. Stat. Brain and eyes have shut down. #

20:24 Woken from my nap by
my mum screaming at me (just how she used to) in my dream. Yay. I seem to have slept through rain though. Clearer air. #

20:45 The dream also featured wasps and other much less annoying actors. #

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