Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


03:54 Only just remembering to take the meds that help me to get sleepy. 4 am. I am supposed to take them in the evening, after dinner. *facepalm* #

04:54 Going to try sleeping. I can always read if not… #

13:13 Waking from a dream full of memories that has, for once, left me smiling. #

15:22 Just changed my bed. Sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases. I am now exhausted and everything either hurts or aches. Also, MELTING. #

15:23 Did jab and meds just after I got up. Guess I should go in search of MORE ICE and some food. Also need to wash sheets and kn
ickers. *splat* #

15:29 Painkillers. #

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