Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 06-11-2010

  • 06:11:30: RT @bbcnews: Nelson Mandela's great-granddaughter dies in a car crash on the eve of the World Cup, reports say.
  • 06:54:24: Twitter cull complete. If I unfollowed you and you think that I might have done so by mistake, let me know! Nothing personal, just 0 spoons.
  • 06:55:13: Still seem to be following 90. Will see if I can cope with that. Now, I think I will try to get some sleep soon… *splat*
  • 22:39:57: @mollydotcom Yeah, strangely, Smudge-the-tart did not tart-out on you! She was in a weird mood that day.
  • 22:40:43: @mollydotcom Pixel is a women's cat (okay, a mommy's boy!) and knows when you are a cat person. "Proximity cuddles" all around!
  • 22:53:19: #ff @gwenzilla @KnitsByRachel @mcahogarth @jearle @mollydotcom @twart1st @MyWOTDcom @postsecret @DFReview @natdaylog ;-p #followfriday

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