Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


06:10 Still awake. Lashing rain just started. Yay. Taking various painkillers in anticipation that the #paincount=4 weather-head will worsen. #

06:13 Ah yes. There it is. #paincount=7. Maybe I'll be able to sleep once the painkillers kick in. #

06:56 Painkillers aren't hacking it. #paincount is now 8. Very heavy rain out there. Smudge seems to want me to feed her. Not sure I'd manage TBH. #

06:59 Mush-brains are threatening to leak out of my nose. I would try earplugs but I think I would still be able to hear them; they use telepathy. #

07:04 Hissy, sq
uealy tinnitus is hissing and squealing. I can hear it over my dualG5 tower mac's fans and the steady, heavy rainfall. #paincount=8 #

07:16 …aaaaand the painkillers kick in! Finally! #paincount=3 (usual and bearable). Brains are still mush, though, so I may play some WoW or spod. #

08:29 Cats have been fed so I'm off to bed. #

13:21 Woken by bladder. #

13:22 Back to bed. #

18:21 Woken by bladder and #paincount=5, eyes, left hand/thumb, back and general. Cats tell me they're hungry.

18:48 Ordered repeat Ibuprofen because I did not realise how low I was when I ordered other yesterday. Grabbed jab out of fridge downstairs. #

22:37 Splitting headache / eye pain. #paincount=7. Took painkillers about 3 hours ago though so there is nothing OTC or prescribed that I can do. #

22:37 Employing other pain relieving methods. Just noticed that vision is pretty screwy today. I have eaten, however. #

22:43 One of those methods is rehydrating. Water, water & more iced water. Another would be fresh air but it's a bit yuck out there & I'm wobbly.☹ #

22:54 Remedies are kicking in. #paincount=6. #

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