Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

LJ cull complete

I have spent some time tonight culling the LJ communities that I was watching and that I belonged to and also trimming my non-community LJFriends list. I now only have 143 LJFriends (I started with over 1000 if you include communities), watch only 15 RSS/syn feeds and am a member of only 48 communities (not all of which I watch as such, I just stay a member in case I want to use the community's facilities). I have deleted all of my friends groups and so I get all of the LJs and communities that I watch on my main LJFriends page.

I started by removing most of the LJs that have never added me back - except for a few people that I would not expect to read my LJ because they are far more interesting than I am. Then I removed most of the RSS/syn feeds and almost all of the communities. I am still finding the odd LJ cropping up on my LJFriends page that I either do not remember why I added it or am no longer that bothered about reading. It sounds/feel callous to put it like that but, as stated in my earlier post, my health and sanity comes first.

Now to perform a similar cull on Twitter…
Tags: lj
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