Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 06-10-2010

  • 01:06:38: RT @therealgokwan: Why don't some people get how Twitter works... Wanna listen = follow. Don't wanna listen = don't follow. Totally unco ...
  • 01:08:47: @therealgokwan Exactly! Like rest of the intarbebz, if you don't like what I say on my Twitter/blog, close the tab/browser or use scrollbar!
  • 01:09:55: @mollydotcom I say, hi there! Glad you got home safe and have Honey Bunny to look after you with loads of fuzz therapy and purrs!
  • 01:10:36: @SarahVKane 'cat lady' is a compliment, isn't it? ;-p
  • 04:59:47: Attached to Technology and Paying a Price “It seems like he can no longer be fully in the moment.” *ponders*
  • 15:29:53: I am going to be cutting back on my Twitter, RSS, LJ an other web reading. Maybe then I will read wBooks and get other stuff done.
  • 15:31:10: So, if I unfollow or unfriend you, please don't take it personally. No offense is intended.
  • 16:51:14: Painkillers.
  • 16:51:26: Weatherhead #paincount=5.
  • 16:52:53: @UnfriendStudy How about doing a study about how annoying it is when random PhD students tweet you about doing online questionnaires? :(
  • 17:07:46: O2's Chief Executive Ronan Dunne explains why unlimited is a thing of the past: (via @O2) :((
  • 17:09:20: I know @twitter is a free service but I would pay a small subscription to not get the fail whale every time I try to post!
  • 17:54:46: marika_kailaya writes how it is and she may as well be me because it is 100% the same for me: I will be blogging this too
  • 18:13:47: "I don't have enough spoons to live how I need/want to live." (link to my blog/LJ post - sfw)
  • 18:14:40: "Web-reading cull/trim" (link to my blog/LJ post - sfw)
  • 18:56:45: RT if have > 100 followers
    ━━╰╯╰━━╯╰━━╯━╰╯ #twitterart
    (via @twart1st)
  • 19:03:37: ◯◯╭━━━━━━━━━━╮┏━━━━━┓◯Ⓦ
    (via @twart1st)

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