Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Web-reading cull/trim

I was reading this last night (spotted on mstevens) and, after recognizing hubby in it, I realised that I had just spent about 3 hours reading LJ and following 90% of the links you all post - okay so I was knitting as well, but I had not got any of the loads of other things done that I so badly want to do with my time. I had not played any WoW. Read any eBooks. Read any magazines or dead-tree books. Painted. Drawn. Written. All of the things that I regret not doing each day when I give in to sleepiness and go to be. EVERY day.

So, I am having an LJFriendsList trim/cull. Same on Twitter. I usually only move people out of my Default View LJFriendsGroup but I think this time I may actually delete the ones I never get around to reading. Most of my LJ posts these days are public and so you can still follow/read my LJ without missing much, even if I 'un-friend' you.

Please, do not take this personally. I do care about you all (well, everybody, in fact!) but just do not have the spoons available to keep up with you all. As always, my health and sanity has to come first. I had just forgotten that for a while while I indulged my philomath tendencies.
Tags: spoons

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