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From Twitter 06-08-2010

  • 14:14:54: RT @NeilCFord: Torchwood returns for new series - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment_and_arts/10262266.stm
  • 14:16:28: Torchwood returns for new series http://bit.ly/dwjEwd (via @NeilCFord) *ponders*
  • 14:18:45: @loudtweeter I am hoping that it is possible to ship more than one Twitter account to a blog (mine is LiveJournal) - is it?
  • 14:19:40: @David_Heb I *love* beetroot (and parsnip and carrot) crisps!
  • 14:30:57: Actually, never mind beetroot crisps - I'll go for apple crisps, though I haven't seen any on sale in ages. (via @David_Heb) *agree*
  • 14:33:39: For those who missed it yesterday, a video of Lilly and Alice: http://bit.ly/95xdRe (via @seananmcguire) Beautiful cats are pissed!
  • 14:35:27: @seananmcguire Pissed cats say, "EFF OFF WID DAH CAMURUH WAS SLIEPIN!"
  • 14:36:29: Sorry, this just made me laugh out loud. Colleague's ring tone: theme tune to NCIS. It's cheered me up. (via @LizUK) Awesome!
  • 15:39:01: @urbandaily re. 'bored to debt': When my *what* is so bored with life that…? YOU'RE not your!!!
  • 15:40:38: #UrbanDaily stoops to new "All Time Low" making itself & partner #BlackPlanet #1 on the list of "Worst Sites on the Web" (via @codestream) ?
  • 15:42:24: @gwenzilla *hugs* I know the feeling. Maybe it is the change in the weather?
  • 15:46:18: Hypercard started it all 4 me RT @davidi4 @twittelator Rockstars: Andrew Stone & Bill Atkinson! http://bit.ly/aNt333 (via @twittelator) me2!
  • 15:48:09: MS in Men and Women: The Role of Testosterone in Men: MS in Men vs. Women: Does Gender Matter? http://bit.ly/99vauf (via @LisaEmrich) Hmmmm…
  • 16:00:29: RT @natdaylog: Meds have STILL not been delivered and I ordered them 8 days ago! http://bit.ly/9DW4pJ
  • 16:02:13: RT @natdaylog: I also ordered more co-codamol the next day and I am almost out! :(((
  • 16:02:33: RT @natdaylog: The ones that *were* delivered were the ones that I complained about being a week late in that linked tweet. This is gett ...
  • 16:02:57: RT @natdaylog: I feel an email to the surgery practice manager and pharmacy (at the surgery) coming on…
  • 16:28:20: "When Teen Pregnancy Is No Accident | The Nation" http://j.mp/bO2NMA The interesting/worrying flip-side.
  • 16:35:51: "YouTube - Abuse in teen relationships (girl)" http://j.mp/d0bWgY Relevant UKGov TV ad from the girl's POV.
  • 16:38:22: "YouTube - Abuse in Relationships: Would you Stop Yourself?" http://j.mp/czPqPu Relevant UKGov TV ad from the boy's POV.
  • 16:48:01: RT @Vivdora: Anyone know a decent pension advisor in Maidenhead area?
  • 16:58:31: On phone to the pharmacy now.
  • 18:14:34: "E-mails from an Asshole" http://j.mp/cp6FPu Hilarious!

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Jun. 9th, 2010 03:25 am (UTC)
After Children of Earth, I don't think I can take more Torchwood. Besides, is anyone from the series left alive? I still haven't forgiven RTD for killing off Ianto.
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