Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


03:54 yawning. bed #

13:53 Waking up. Taken meds but not supplements because not built meds because they have not been delivered. Done jab (RTU 1350). #

15:52 branes r mush *splat* #

15:54 painkillers and brain-mush meds #

15:57 Meds have STILL not been delivered and I ordered them 8 days ago! #

15:58 I also ordered more co-codamol the next day and I am almost out! :((( #

15:59 The ones that *were* delivered were the ones that I complained about being a week late in that linked tweet. This is getting useless! #

16:00 I feel an email to the surgery practice manager and pharmacy (at the surgery) coming on… #

16:19 Finally my tummy rumbles and I feel faint so I think to eat something. WTB sense of hunger! #

16:46 Painkillers and food are starting to work. #

17:03 In theory, having spoken to the pharmacy, the meds are on the list for delivery tomorrow. *knocks on wood* #

17:30 Have noticed that the brain-mush-'med' which is also good for nausea also aids my hunger-sense to work. May add a dose of it to my am meds. #

17:31 Then again, I need to source a new place to buy that… #

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