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00:29 Chicken and salad wraps for dinner a few hours ago followed by a DFGF choc muffin. #

03:31 Alarm set for 10 am. Meting @mollydotcom for the first time tomorrow! #

04:15 Sleepy at last — only took evening meds after midnight. Need to start taking them just after dinner. Off to bed. Alarm set for 10:00. #

10:44 Woken by alarm at 10:00. Dressed. Doing jab and meds. Got yog out of freezer for "breakfast". No pain as such but wobbly/staggery. Hot. 24°C #

14:34 Lunch of DFGF pitta and pâté. Green tea earlier. Another yog, too. #

15:05 Nap. #

17:29 Woken from my nap, in the depths of a dream, when I started choking. On air. Again. Thanks for that MonSter — NOT! :-( #

19:54 Painkillers. Weather-head from the rain. #paincount=7. Had to turn off music. #

23:24 pm meds #

23:25 Dinner tonight was turkey and sweet potato with mushrooms and shallots in olive oil and rosemary, cooked for me by @NeilCFord. #

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