Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


02:33 I seem to be awake again. WIDE awake. #

04:42 Back to bed. #

14:07 Need to build meds and get jabs from fridge downstairs. Am barely awake and DO NOT WANT! Let alone take them both. Wanna sleep for a month. #

15:23 Ordering repeat meds AGAIN. The ones ordered 7 days ago that haven't been delivered and some more. Only able to build 4 days with what have. #

16:28 Head & left-eye #paincount=7. Painkillers. Have just changed cats litter tray, though. I am now Pixel's favourite human/minion. #

17:20 Hmmm. Finally taking painkillers 50 mins after first tweeting that I was. My MonSter-eaten time-sense sucks. Head/eye #paincount=7 still. :( #

18:17 Breakfast finally - DFGF pitta, paté and Moroccan Mint green tea. Iced. #

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