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{updated} Help sought remembering a programme/book name/author

I remember watching a children's TV drama/serial here in the UK in the late 70s or early 80s, likely on BBC1 (because that is the only channel that mum liked us to watch and/or there were not as many alternatives back then). It would have been shown in the just before tea slot later filled by Grange Hill and the like. I have flashes of plot and vague feelings of memory but no concrete name or author:

  • There had been some apocalyptic event and now everyone was scared of machinery and electricity.

  • A romany family was (or may have been) involved in some way. A girl with long red/brown hair, maybe.

  • I distinctly remember her being terrified to walk under electricity pylons and them making some weird humming noise that only she could hear.

Not much to go on, I know, but if this rings a bell to anyone, I would love to track down and read the book. I may be mixing up more than one story/drama/programme/book, I guess…

ETA links from the comments:
The trilogy - and the TV series - is called The Changes by Peter Dickinson.
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