Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


02:47 Just realised I have only eaten once 'properly' today. Doing something about that. #

04:02 Bed. Alarm set for 10 am. #

10:05 waking up #

11:03 Painkillers. Headache and thumb. May go back to bed now trip to Brighton is not happening. #

11:36 Only slightly miffed that todays trip won't be happening. I had planned my spoons and everything but my head and thumb hurt. #

12:27 Painkillers seem to have helped thumb pain but brains and eyes are still scre
aming mush. #

12:37 @NeilCFord You seem to be carrying two electric guitars?! Gowalla seems scary and facebooky! #

13:53 @NeilCFord left what? #

13:54 *gives up and goes back to bed* #

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