Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


04:43 04:40; Bed. Thumb is feeling a little better after massaging it with Olbas Oil and using intensive knitting physiotherapy. ;-) #

13:47 Waking up to a sauna-like room and a desk covered in flaked-out kitties. 30 degC and 30% humidity. *splat* #

14:45 Managed to do jab and build a week's meds with only one hand/thumb. Realising just how much I use my left hand/thumb for. #

14:45 Ordering repeat meds and L-tyrosine. #

18:31 Home from a shopping trip with @NeilCFord. So much cooler out there than in here. :( #

18:37 Nap #

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