Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


01:20 I've always had clumsy moments but used to trampoline competetively, cycle, swim, run and skate. I could draw with hand-eye coordination. #

01:21 These days I am lucky if I can see, let alone walk without walking into walls or write by hand. I may have to take up abstract painting. #

03:07 Written 2.5 A5 sides. Knitted andres. Seeing sparkles now. Will finish row then try to sleep. #

04:08 Annoyingly I am still wide awake. I cannot find the off switch for my mind. Going to try reading. #

04:34 Now sleepy but niggling #paincount=4 in my left knee
is keeping me awake. Double vision axis also seems to have rotated again. :( #

04:58 And now my bladder is awake. #

12:14 Waking up. Having to wear my glasses at an angle to be able to see single as opposed to double and able to focus. #

13:02 Built meds #

15:58 Have just moved a lot of stuff and furniture, dysoned dust bunny populations to eextinct and moved it all back. Just my room. Now am ded. #

15:59 Dizzy, melty and wibble. #

16:00 Need to try to do rest of flat before landlord's visit tomorrow. Hmm. Problem. Zzzzz. Luckily can delegate to hubby. #

17:05 Ugh. Fresnel hassles and exhaustion means naptime now. #

19:37 Waking up from nap and feeding cats. Doublr vision axis seems to have roated back. Yippee-do. #

20:15 As if the random visual problems were not enough (Thank you MonSter, NOT!), I am now getting a fast heart rate as in triple. Feh! #

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