Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


05:04 bed #

12:30 Waking up. Wish I knew why my guts were so upset. No reason other than the MomSter knowing my luck. #

15:43 Mush-for-branes nap-time. #

18:30 Waking up from my nap but head and eyes #paincount=5. Painkillers, etc. #

20:13 Another blind spot in my vision. This time just above centre and a little to the left so I can't see the word before the one I'm reading.:( #

20:18 Hitting all the pain/migraine remedies that would not cause an overdo
se. #

20:35 Blind patch has now drifted away from the centre even more and is now pretty far left. #

22:20 Branes and eyes have sent me to bed very early for me. Remedies worked but I am now sleepy with sore eyes. Goodnight twitterverse! #

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