Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:09 Of *course*. Here comes the #paincount=6. :( #

01:10 Various painkillers and remedies and my vision is restored with the #paincount down to a 2. #

02:35 Now I just feel nauseous and regret eating this evening. Random MonSter-eaten CNS and body are random. #

05:00 Smudge informs me that it is time for bed. She is probably right. #

10:34 Woken by doorbell. Oh yay, stressful mail. Just what I need - to not feel safe when housebound. :( #

10:35 All ove
r again. #

10:36 a) I fail at life. b) Life has it in for me. c) DO NOT WANT! #

15:46 Waking up again. I think I must have needed sleep! #

17:02 Splitting headache. Jab and Meds with a Painkillers chaser. Can't face food yet. #

17:16 Weather-blended brains are weather-head mush. Despite loads of water and various painkillers/rememdies. *splat* #paincount=5. #

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