Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


05:04 I disagree with the local birdlife in one fundamental way; to them this is time to wake up and sing but to me it is time for bed and sleep. #

05:09 Problem is that Smudge sees this as time to run around the flat, up and down stairs, wailing her head off about how much fun she is having. #

11:25 Waking up. #

12:54 Just been down to kitchen for food. Only once I was back upstairs did I realise I had forgotten to get my jabs out of the fridge. #

16:44 Did jab meds etc earlier. Am giving up in the face of humidity for now, though, and going back to b
ed. #

16:48 Broken Weeble is broken. This one wobbles and it DOES fall down! Falling into bed now for a nap. #

17:00 Sneezing in bed shook my brain and so now my head and eyes #paincount=5. hopefully I can sleep it off without painkillers. #

19:34 Managed to sleep without painkillers. Brain still feels like it has been in a blender, though and this weeble is still broken. #

23:36 Oh, just what I need. Visual migraine. Again with the blind spot just below and to the right of centre - if I look at the T the H disappears #

23:37 …on my keyboard, that is. Worse to the right - if I look at some keys they disappear themselves. Unhelpful when reading and knitting. #

23:38 No real pain yet but this blind patch is floating around at random. #

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