Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


01:36 Well, the DELICIOUS bread that hubby bought me in Sainsbury's was DF and GF but had caramelized onion on the top. Ugh guts now but worth it! #

02:22 Feeling more and more windy, bloated and nauseous. Do I sit here and read or try to lie down and sleep fruitlessly and in discomfort? #pondr #

04:05 bed #

04:08 change of plan. Immodium #

04:09 Better plan: Colpermin. #

13:04 Waking up. Can't find my phone case though. #

15:52 Cold shower so brain now cool enough to be able to think, eat breakfast, do jab, build meds and take meds. Still 32degC in my room. :( #

18:19 Eaten breakfast, built meds, taken meds and done jab. So sticky again. As if I never had a shower. Also, headache. Painkillers. #paincount=4 #

22:33 Feeling woozy/wobbly/nauseous now. Hmm. #

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