Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 04-26-2010

  • 15:28:42: "Thinking About Tomorrow : The Frontal Cortex" Interesting WRT credit vs saving, instant gratification addiction, etc.
  • 19:59:54: RT @dianafox: To win a free copy of FEED by Mira Grant, just retweet this! I'll pick a winner on Friday.
  • 20:02:51: RT @VeryShortStory: I jumped out of the airplane trying to catch you. On the way down, I realized if you wanted to get away that bad, I ...
  • 20:09:08: RT @GeneHunt: Sad, but I've heard that Cliff Richard has started to self-harm...Apparently he's started listening to his own records.
  • 20:22:59: "CanvasMol" will draw the molecule of chemical (via @glazou @brucel @mollydotcom) Won't draw glatiramer acetate though.

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