Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


04:38 Bed. Hubby woke me after that nap at about 20:30 woth yummy curry and I have been alert and productive all night. Sleepy now, with help. #

12:03 Waking up. Having a real problem with vertical. #

17:19 30ºC in my room even with my window open and the fan blowing. Also pretty humid/sticky feeling although I have no way to measure that. #

17:20 Am probably about to collapse into/onto bed for a nap and will live my life in the cooler less-bright night-time. Nothing new there then! :) #

17:26 Dripping with melting-results. #

17:33 A'yup. Nap. #

17:34 Napping makes sense when the closest I can get to vertical is sitting propped up in a chair and all I can manage is to knit. *splat* #

17:36 Also, tremendously tinny tinnitus is tinny while very vile vertigo is vile. #

19:49 Woken by cats. Now just working on vertical because they insist on being fed. #

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