Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


09:10 Woken through earplugs and my dream by banging from downstairs or next door. #

12:58 Oh yay, the #migraine that threatened yesterday but never arrived is in effect now as a visual migraine. #

13:00 No pain but a blind spot in my right eye below and to the left of centre. That area is scintillating with colours and sparkles. Yay. NOT. #

13:04 Okay, weirdly, the blind patch is now affecting both eyes and is moving more centrally. It may be time for meds and bed. #

13:08 Yup, time for a darkened room and hope to keep cool. #

13:09 Can no lonmger see t read or type peoperly. I need ot learn to touchtyoe. stat. #

13:09 or get a oc with dragon dictate or something #

13:09 pc #

13:11 times like these is wy i need a phone with tactile keus unlike the shiny touchscreen of the iphone. win't be able to tweet on the iphome now #

13:15 P.S. eye #paincount now =7. #

15:49 Seem to have managed to sleep it off for now. #

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