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DK and Priest hints and tips from Brera

Chat with Brera about DK DPS kit etc. (overnight 20100414 - 20100415):

Shadowpriest DPS needs haste and spellpower from gems and hit rating and crit from gear.
Healing priest needs MP5 and haste (to 300)
Guild shadowpriest is Lineax.

Midnight fun/non-serious raiding Ken and/or Brera.

Gem for str.
Gem for spellpower too.
Try to get hit rating to 300.
Crit and Str - igmore Agi.
Use 2H wep for dps (dual for tanking).

Badges/emblems shopping list:
- Gloves
(Keep Mirror of Truth trinket)
- Get other badge trinket Mark of Supremacy to replace Death card.
- Sigil of Virulence.
- Helm of Thunderous Rampage
- Bloodshed Band
- Spiked Battlegear Choker

Chaotic Skyflare Choker
Chest enchant = powerful stats.

Consider switching to mining and JC from Skinning Herbalism.
Also sell enchant scrolls on Lyrana to make cash.

Weapons to try for:
TOTC HC 1st boss axe [Edge of Ruin].
PoS Norm 1st boss mace [Garfrost's Two-Ton Hammer].
PoS HC last boss axe [Tyrannical Beheader]. (Got this on first try at that boss with Anaryl!)
Battered Hilt.

PS, IT, Pest, D&D, DC, SS, BS, BB, SS, DC, DC, SS, Pest, D&D, DC.

Boss / single target:
PS, IT, BS, BS, SS, DC,[ SS, DC, BS, BS], SS, DC


Macro death coil (DC) to attacks (not AoE), e.g.:
/cast Plague Strike
/cast !Death Coil
The "!" says, "if it is not on cooldown and/or there is the right runepower available then cast DC"
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