Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


04:57 Only now starting to feel sleepy. Ho hum. Better go to bed I guess. #

07:03 Finally off to bed having fed cats. #

11:43 Woken by doorbell. #

11:45 Oh yay. Unhappy guts protesting. :( #

12:09 Back to bed for a while. Left knee #paincount = 5. Painkillers. #

12:48 #paincount = 3 as the painkillers start to do their job. I should be able to sleep now. *steps away from Twitter and puts down the iPhone* #

13:14 Sod it. Now my brain is awake and so I can't sleep. Need food anyway. #

19:23 Have eaten a little but have not felt well all day. Seeing sparkles. Going to nap/sleep. Can be more productive when/whenever I wake. ☯ #

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Tags: natdaylog

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