Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 04-08-2010

  • 11:16:05: Downstairs has called her new baby girl Akira. Every time I hear her use the name I want to buy her the film. Isn't that a boy's name?
  • 11:41:32: And, of course, it is the Easter holidays from school and so there is a garden full of kids with noisy toys out the needs-to-be-open window.
  • 11:41:47: *turns on iTunes*
  • 11:47:01: "Devon man who hit his baby son must pay him £50" I must be owed about 5 million £ ! ;-/
  • 13:11:58: "The Dynamic Duo: Imagination + Knowledge | Psychology Today" Iiiiiiiiinteresting. I feel a blog coming on.

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