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From Twitter 04-06-2010

  • 13:25:48: The local ice cream van is playing the Captain Pugwash theme. Ah memories. Oops my age is showing again!
  • 13:32:46: You can all have the earworm too. http://is.gd/bh1Je YouTube. John Ryan lived in Rye as do my Gran and aunt. Sadly he died last June. :(
  • 15:52:54: REALLY enjoying reading this virtual series 3 of Torchwood! http://j.mp/b9Ocd7 What COULD have hapened! Start here: http://bit.ly/bkamMO
  • 15:58:39: Exhausted. Yesterday was an amazing day but now I am so overdrawn in the bank of spoons it is not funny. It is all I can do to knit & spod.
  • 19:56:27: Astrology community lashes out at @ProfBrianCox. Really, they should've seen it coming (badumtish) http://bit.ly/8Xr52E (via @ProfBrianCox)
  • 22:25:11: "Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids | Video on TED.com" http://j.mp/cx23Jx Oh yes. Eloquent and a great speaker. "Child prodigy."

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Apr. 7th, 2010 04:08 am (UTC)
Nat, Nat, Nat! Where EXACTLY in the UK are you? Horsham? Somewhere around West Sussex? Hubby-dearest is going to be somewhat near there later this month. Wish I could be there with him. He said he'll be near a 200-year-old pub and 'That ought to narrow it down', to which I replied "Yeah, to like half of the English countryside, I'm sure".

Anyway, I was having trouble telling him whether he would be close to you or anyone else we know online, but since I'm not even really sure...I had some trouble.

Help!! :)
Apr. 7th, 2010 10:30 am (UTC)
Horsham is in West Sussex, yes. Click on any of the location links in my LJ posts for the gmaps map of Horsham or put Horsham, West Sussex into the Streetmap or Multimaps websites. There are 1000s of 200 year old pubs around the UK, especially around here! If you tell me which town/village he will be in then I can tell you if it is near here!
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