Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 04-01-2010

  • 10:40:43: Sounds like I need to vacuum inside my Dual G5 tower Mac again. Sounds like fifteen jets taking off together at Heathrow!
  • 11:45:14: Am writing. Non-fiction, memoir-style.
  • 11:45:44: It will potentially end up as a blog post once it is finished. Maybe not. We'll see.
  • 11:52:04: Taking break from writing to *hit things* (play WoW).
  • 11:52:49: Please support Emma as she flings herself out of a plane for people with multiple sclerosis! #MS (via @MSTrust) One day
  • 12:21:48: Check out my @photojojo Time Capsule (a year ago)!:
  • 13:59:51: A haiku about breakfast: #foodhaiku
  • 14:40:20: Ended up knitting not playing WoW. Getting sleepy but learning to turn a keel for a toe-up heel-flap sock.
  • 14:42:05: #knittinghelp If a pattern says "Sl1" e.g. for a slip-stitch heel flap, is it knit-wise or purl-wise? I can't remember which is the default!
  • 14:45:11: Feeling sleepy. Been concentrating hard on this knitting. Also #wordcount = 793 so far today. May nap & see if knitting answer's here later.
  • 14:47:23: P.S. am #knitting Wendy D Johnson's "Slip Stitch Heel Basic Socks" on p 40 of "Socks from the Toe Up".
  • 17:08:39: Hmm. No answer from the twitterverse yet about knitting slip stitch. Will play WoW for a while now I am awake again.

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