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Ugh politics

One of my LJFriend wrote an LJFriends-locked post about the US healthcare reforms. The following is what I left in a comment (with the warning and caveat that it is written from MY POINT OF VIEW, may contain MY OPINIONS, it is POTENTIALLY FACTUALLY INCORRECT and I might be totally useless!):

That is one thing where having more than two political parties improves. The do not automatically just say the opposite of what another party says.

Apology in advance if this is not of interest to you! We have three main parties;

  • Labour, in power at the moment, are moderate "left" and pretty socialist, historically, whilst becoming more and more centrist as time goes by. They are probably to the left of your Democrats.

  • The Conservatives (or Tories) are the moderate "right" concerned with personal profits and so on. They equate to your Republicans in some ways.

  • The Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) are roughly central and probably actually more like your Democrats than our Labour are. I don't know what people in the US with more social-focussed views do with their vote, to be honest.

  • Green Party. Concentrate on ecology, energy saving and other "green" issues.

  • CND (The Campaign for Neuclear Disarmament) is a one policy party.

  • UKIP (The UK Independent Party) who want us to remove ourselves from the European Union - but who also have members that are Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Yes, many of them are as confused as that sounds. ;-p

  • BNP (British Nationalist party). The hard, far right. Used to be called the National Front. Very racist and anti-immigration. Nuff said. :(

  • Comunist Party. The far left. True socialists that aim for tru socialism (á la what is seen in France and Italy, rather than the failed comunism of the USSR).

  • other parties that I have probably forgotten including ones that are regional not national (e.g. the SNP - the Scottish National Party) as well as Independent candidates/MPs (members of parliament) with no party affiliation.

Bear im mind, though, that this is about all I know about UK politics and that much of this might be wrong! Also, I apologise for descending into lecture here. I despair of the few people on my FL that are/were LOUDLY against the healthcare reforms over in the US. I just cannot understand how they can claim to care about other people whilst wanting to deprive some other people of the basic human right to medical care. *shakes head* I admit to just switching off, even when one or two of them leave comments on my LJ. I would have argued and tried to reason with them in the past but have learned that they have very closed minds about such subjects.

PLEASE! I do not want to discuss your politics on my LJ. Comments are not screened but may be screened if they are at all inflammatory or I find them at all upsetting. Just sayin'.
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