Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:12 I need a #2 buzz-cut. I am barely dressed and melting. Too much hair I am either ill with some bug, MonStered or in menopause at 42! #

02:35 Just started to yawn. Then posted this tweet to the rong account and pasted the wrong thing into this account. Tweets deleted. Bed-time now. #

11:21 Woken by phone ronging which I did not get to in time. #

11:22 Ringing. #

13:34 Rain = cool enough with the window open a crack but also = headache / weather-head / eye-pain #paincount =5. Not too bad. Painkillers. #

14:34 Mmmmmmm Moroccan Mint Green Tea from Dragonfly Teas. Painkillers are starting to kick in. #

14:55 Painkillers are making me sleepy and, more surprisingly, hungry despite having just eaten. #

15:33 It is no good. Once I finish what I am doing, I will have to have a nap. #

15:39 Yup, nap. #

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