Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

WoW Guild LOL

I am not sure if you have to be a member of the guild to see this thread but here is my reply:

[quote="Banisher"]THATS WHATCHU GET FOR BEING ON A MAC FOOL![/quote]

Well, I am an ex-programmer (writing code for Windoze apps) and hubby is an IT guy supporting lUsers on Windoze. For that reason, we both use macs that just work, rarely crash and almost never get viruses. That way we can USE the mac and not have to keep FIXING or upgrading the os and hardware like we used to have to with our windoze machines. Yes, occasionally Blizzard drops the ball and forgets to test on macs properly. That is not our fault for using a proper grown up operating system (based on a unix called BSD).

I used to say that I earned the huge salary that I did because I used to have to be a better programmer just to be able to program around the bugs in the OS. Hubby is similar in that he knows how to fix the hardware and os on his clients' machines.

Just sayin'. :lol: :roll:
Tags: mac, wow

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