Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

What is MS?

Copied and pasted from within a friends-locked post (with permission) by lazscott:

MS occurs when the body attacks its central nervous system (CNS). The nerves’ protective sheath is not fully repaired, leading to scarring, which causes problems with signal transmission and nerve death. Because the CNS is damaged, every bodily system is affected.

MS affects each person differently, but we share two difficulties. One is fatigue, MS fatigue. The other has to do with heat exposure. (Before MRI devices, a test for MS involved putting a person in a hot tub for 20 minutes.)

Fatigue is the result of declining physical resources. I am like an inefficient rechargeable battery. It takes me a long time to recharge, and I never reach full capacity.

Heat exposure is the more dangerous of the two. I learned this a few summers back when I ended up in the emergency room. Don’t want this to happen again.

Difficulties start from the inside. The damaged brain must work harder than a healthy one, generating extra heat my body’s thermostat cannot handle. Without external cooling, such as air conditioning, heat increases, causing systemic problems. Heat buildup interferes with walking, speaking, demeanor, and cognition. These are the visible problems.

This chronic illness is not fatal, but it is progressive. There is much more about MS I could write about.

My icon here is the logo of the UK's MS Society.
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