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Daily blogging?

A number of my LJFriends (people whose LiveJournals I read on my LJ reading list / "friend's page") make a post every day using an outline or template that they fill in with the relevant information as it stands as they are writing. I am wondering if I might be able to try to do something like this. I do know that, as soon as I try to make "resolutions" like this I manage to follow through with them for a week or two but, as soon as I miss a day for whatever reason, I give up and do not bother to carry on.

I made a few goals for 2010 and have not managed to keep them all going. I wonder if making this a goal/resolution might be setting myself up for failure, yet again. I am trying to learn that missing one day if not failure per se and that I should just get back on the horse and carry on. Not that I have ever ridden. Trampolining and cycling, yes. Horses, no.

Anyway, I am still debating what subtitles/sections to have in my daily posts by looking at other peoples and brainstorming how they might fit with me and my life. I am also probably going to add some others.

Here is the list so far:
Birthdays: LJFriends and people without LJs who I know that have their birthday that day (and any I missed through missed posts). This might replace my monthly birthday posts if I can get into the daily post habit.
New readers: People have added me on LJ - a kind or welcome to new readers.
Now also reading: People, communities and feeds that I have added to my reading list that others might be interested to read.
Medical/health: The state of me with regards to health and other medical goings on in my life.
Wearing: What I am wearing. Do you care?
Reading: What I am reading at the moment. This might need to be three sections (or maybe more) for web, books and ebooks or I could combine them all under this one heading.
Writing: What I am writing at the moment, if I am. I am hoping to post more of my writings and to start doing more writing exercises. Some of it will be awful. To be honest, though, this looks to be more useful for people that write longer pieces than I do, e.g. novels. I am still undecided about this. maybe it could be a "Written recently" section instead.
Knitting: What am I knitting at the moment. I do not keep my Ravelry updated at all these days, merely using Ravelry as a useful patterns and expertise resource but filling this section in might inspire me to update Ravelry.
Planning: What plans do I have for the day/week/month/etc.?
Listening to: What music am I playing at the moment and/or what podcast am I listening to.
Gaming: What am I up to in the World of Warcraft and/or any other game I am playing. I have not been keeping my WoW LJ updated and so having this set of headings as a glossary item in Xjournal might persuade me to fill it in.
Thoughts: What deep and philosophical thoughts am I mulling over at the moment. What do I think about things going on in the world? This heading (and the next) might persuade me to stop and think/mull for a while while I write like going to counselling used to let me do once a week. My mind is never still and darts all over the place unless I sit and concentrate *hard* on mindfulness and trying to (because it is so hard for me!) stay in the moment.
Feelings: Similar to the previous heading but more about how I am myself, both mentally and emotionally.
Link soup: Some links that I think you might be interested in. I have been tending to post one-link-an-entry as and when I find pages I think you might be interested to read which may have the effect of spamming your reading page / friend's list. This would hopefully mean that I save the links in a text/Scrivener file and add them to this post once a day instead. We can but hope!
Other: Anything that I want to blog about that is not covered in the headings above!

What do you think? Do you do something like this? Can you think of any other headings/subjects that you would be interested to see me write about every day? Are there too many headings here (bearing in mind that I would delete the ones that I do not use on any particular day)?

Edited To Add (Wed 24 March, 2010; 23:45) from a comment I made below:
You said you've noticed other people doing this, do you read them all, and every day?

I do read them all (and four of five of my LJFriends do it) but not every day because I don't always have the spoons to read LJ every day - but I always do read them eventually.

It is more a way that I might be able to keep some record of stuff and I have no secrets so people can read if they want and scroll past if they don't.

Just my opinion, of course, but daily posts containing the same kind of information lose their impact for me.

I know my life is pretty boring and repetetive but I am hoping that this might get me blogging again. I am also hoping that I might find the out of the ordinary stuff to write about if I make myself think about these things. I usually go through life in a blur of warped time and sensations. Anything that can make me look at each moment a little more can only be good for me in the long run.

I had hoped that writing in the paper diary would manage this for me. I lasted about two months with that. I think.
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