Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:40 MELTING!!! :( I have had to strip down and open the window. This *can't* be normal! #

05:01 I suppose that I had better try to get some sleep. #

13:37 Waking up. #

17:41 Only got round to doing jab and taking some meds at 17:30, 4 hrs after getting up. Still need to build a week's meds and take supplements. #

17:43 Giving up for now though. Cleaning teeth then nap. At least I have eayen breakfast. WTB someone/thing to remind me to do things & help do'em #

17:46 e.g. Am back in bed but forgot to clean teeth. :( #

17:50 P.S. Having to do everything with my right eye closed becaise I cannot see through that glasses lens / fresnel is < ideal and > exhausting. #

20:38 Smudged awake. #

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